bespoke tailor


Every piece is made just for you. The pattern, the cut, the design and the fabric selection have no limits. We can fit all body types regardless of gender. If you are looking for something traditional, dandy, formal or rugged, we have hundreds of fabric options from the world’s best mills that are updated seasonally. We also stock a selection of vintage cloth and horn buttons. The choices can be overwhelming, but we’ll take the time to walk you through it.

In order to provide you with the best possible experience, the person taking your measurements and fitting your piece is also the tailor responsible for drafting and cutting your garment. There are over 40 hours involved in making a jacket. A full, hung canvas, surgeon cuffs, hand sewn armholes and gore line are all basic expectations of quality craftsmanship in our field and included in all of our custom pieces.

Ordering a bespoke piece is an investment in time. A typical suit requires three fittings. A bespoke suit should not be finished when you try it on for the first time. Just a few tweaks here and there during a quick appointment doesn’t cut it.

At the first fitting, the jacket will have no sleeves or lining (a.k.a. a skeletal baste). This is the time to perfect balance and proportion; things like length, lapel width and pocket details can be adjusted. Sleeves will be hung to the exact angle of your arm. This is the visit when a lining will be selected.

The second fitting is a full baste when you will see the whole piece come together. At this stage, we are looking for minor adjustments and perfect balance between the jacket body and the lining. This is when you choose the buttons.

For the final fitting, the armhole and the collar gore line have been hand sewn. All of the white basting threads have been removed, buttons holes have been made and buttons attached. In your final fitting, small pressing notes will be attended to and your garment is usually ready to take home.